Sunday, January 31, 2016

MetricStream - PLSQL 1st Round Interview

MetricStream 1st Round Interview

·         Tell me about your project, roles, and responsibilities?
·         What are the new features in Oracle 11g?
·         What is normalization?
·         Which level of normalization are you using?
·         What is 3rd normal from?
·         Explain Oracle Architecture?
·         Explain how SQL query is processed in the oracle server?
·         How do you tune SQL query?
·         What are the  hints you used in your project?
·         How to export only tables and not indexes  from your schema?
·         How to do I create all the indexes as it is from other schema?
·         What is execute in SQL processing?
·         What is fetch in SQL processing?
·         How do you check the version of the database?
·         How do you find the size of the data for an application?
·         How do you model a database?
·         How to add two numbers without using + , sum functions?
·         I have a package and it doesn't  give me compilation errors. At run time it gives me error. How do u know where the error occurs. How to debug the error.
·         Do u know performance tuning / SQL tuning ?
·         What is $? in Unix?
·         What is $* in Unix ?
·         How do u find 150 the line in a file?
·         How do u search a string in a file?
·         How do u increase the performance of SQL query when select distinct is used?
·         Do u know collections?
·         What is reference cursor? Why  is it used?
·         What is no copy ?
·         What is pipeline