Sunday, January 31, 2016

MetricStream PLSQL interview 3rd round

MetricStream -PLSQL Interview 3rd round

·         What’s your company name, experience, where is it, what does this company do
·         Explain about your project
·         What are your roles and responsibilities
·         I have given you brd document and asked you to desing a database, how do you approach it.
·         What is normalization, which  technique you use to desing tables
·         What is first ,2nd , 3rd normalization
·         What level do you normalize your tables
·         What is backup
·         What is logical backup
·         What is physical backup
·         What is incremental backup
·         How do you find what data changed since last incremental backup
·         What is control file
·         What is log file
·         What is physical database
·         How do you search a pattern in Linux
·         What we do not  use in a procedure
·         When you use procedure and when we use function
·         Puzzles

·         What is the reason for job change

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