Monday, August 1, 2016

Alshaya - 1st Round

Experience Leve : 3-5 Years

·         Roles and Responsibilities of current project
·         Rate yourself out of 10 in sql and plsql
·         What are materialized views
·         Different methods of refreshing Materialized views and normal view , difference between both
·         What are indexes? How it improves the performance
·         A table which gets updated frequently , should we create index  on the frequently updated columns
·         Can we write commit inside trigger.
·         Can we alter the execution sequence of triggers?
·         What is mutating trigger
·         How to avoid mutating trigger
·         Select all the employees whose have worked for  more than one year in the current organization
·         Schema A and schema B, table employees exist in both the schemas. Procedure PRC1 is in schema A. on executing prc1, from schema B, employee table from which schema gets effected.
·         Grants required executing DML on a table in different schema.
·         Whether oracle generates insert scripts when uploading data through sqlldr.
·         Select employees from a table earning maximum salary department wise.
·         Difference between truncate and delete. Which is faster in performance?
·         Table has records.  Can we alter a table to add column with not null constraint.
·         Difference between function and procedure
·         What is NOCOPY hint? Explain
·         Select all the names which contain kumar in their name irrespective of case;
·         upper(ename) like’ %KUMAR%’;

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