Friday, August 12, 2016

Cap Gemini -PLSQL interview questions

Capgemini 2nd round

Table A:has col1 with values(a,b,c). Table B -col1 with values (b,c,c,d).
Table A:has col1 with values(a,b,c,null). Table B -col1 with values (b,c,c,d,null).
Queries on union , unionall, interset, minus, data sets include null values.
queries on equijoin, self join, outer joins.
queries in corelated subqueires, sub queries.
queries in not in and not exists. which is faster. is there any differene in the output with the above 2nd dataset
top 10 salaried employees from employee table.
how to eliminate duplicates.
What are constraints. why are they used.
A database in 10g is completely migrated to database in 11g. How will u verify the new database has everything properly.
queries on decode, case.
What is select null+1 from dual
Explain Plan , what do u look for in explain plan
What are hits. Tell me the hints you know.
I have an sql query, It has lot of joins in it. While querying , i got an error, temp space full. How do u overcome this error.
what is looping chain of synonyms.
How bulk collect and forall works.
How do u optimize an sql query.

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