Friday, August 12, 2016

Epsilon - PLSQL Interview Questions

Epsilon 3rd round.

Tell me about ur self.
What do u mean by quality of work.
Eveyone will do quality of work. What is special in it.
What you are saying is not quality of work. what exactly is quality of work.
What are your current roles and responsibilities.
Do u work in team.
How will your team cordinate with each other.
To whom u will report.
Does any one report to you.
If you are stuck with something at work, how will u resolve it.
suppose i hired you, and i have given a task.There is no documentation, no body explians about the existing system. How will u understand the existing sytem and complete your task.
You will be working alone in bangalore office. Your work will be assigned by US guys. Will be be able to work alone.
Have you ever worked with US teams.
About your previous compnay. 
previous company salary.
Why do u want to change.(Reason i have given work life balance).
I am not convienced about your reason, tell me more why u want to change.
I am still not convienced. why do you want to change.
what do u mean by worklife balance.
Do u have any questions.
Hr will get back you.

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