Friday, August 12, 2016

Epsilon - PLSQL Interview Questions

Epsilon 1st round

Queries on joins, group by , not in, rank , dense rank, decode, case.
(for half an hour to write queries ,given different tables and data)
get the name till @ symbol in email id.
can i use commit in a trigger.
i have two tables.  table a has few rows, table b havs more rows. how will u synch table a and b. Or how will u load table b into table a ,if exist update , if not insert.
i have a procudure. i what to know where all this procedure is used in different objects.
list all the files in unix.
kill a job
find all the file names
find all the processes
high resource consumption procsses.
list 5th line  in a file.
number of lines in a file

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