Friday, August 12, 2016

Epsilon -PLSQL Interview Questions

Epsilon 2nd round

Explain about your current roles and responsibilities.
What is the challenge u have faced recently.
Explain about oracle architecture.
Dbwr will write to db files, from bd files which process will read.
What is refcursor.
cursor attributes.
what is implicit cursor.
differene between decode and case.
how u find the implicit cursor rows fetched/processed.
What is explicit cursor.
what are exceptions.
what saved exceptions, how will it be used, write a program.
what are joins,explain each of it.
what are triggers, write a program to update a table, coulmn a, column b, add a+b and update column c. with out using update statement in cursor.
begin select * from employees; end; -- what will be the result
how to make the above program work with out using declaration section
Queries using joins, exists, not in, rank , dense rank.
which is fater in or exists. why
can we use commit in
difference between function and procedure.
write a package to delete the temporary tables created daily in the database.
prodecure can return using return keyword, How.
ontime functions/procedures?
global variables, what is its scope.
SQL loader, different types of files . give example of sqlloder implementation.
i have file with multiple columns, with out delimiter, how will i load the file.
what are bind variables.
what is soft parse, what is hard parse.
what are hints.
explain plan - explain
i have an sql working fine yesterday. today i is not working.  How will u identify the issue.
how do u difference between plans of same query, if there is any difference.
what are indexes, why are they used.
when to use bitmap index. what is the advantage.
If i have many dmls of the index, what will be the impact, how.
How to find the processes running in linux.
How to go to the last line of the file in vim editor.
how to rename a file or folder.
table has four columnbs:a,b,c,d select all the rows from the table without retriving duplicates . unique record identifier (a,b,c,d).

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