Wednesday, August 17, 2016

RBS - SQL and PLSQL Interview Questions

First Round:
What is index? How it helps in improving performance?
Types of Index?
What is materialized view?
What is the concept of SQL Loader?
Difference between procedure and function?
Whether procedure returns values? How?
What are packages? Advantage of creating a package?
What is sequence? Parameters passed in the sequence?
Can we use %ISOPEN attribute of implicit cursor? Explain attributes of cursor?
How to handle the large transnational data?
What are Triggers? Explain a situation where you have used DML Trigger?
In a Partitioned table if a value greater than the defined range is inserted than whether value is inserted or not?
What is the process in which change is implemented in Production environment?

Second Round:
Explain how the change is implemented in production?
Explain SQL loader in detail, what files are involved?
What is Difference between SQL loader and external table?
Have you fixed any code issue in production environment?

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