Sunday, August 21, 2016

VirtusaPolaris - Oracle SQL and PLSQL interview questions

VirtusaPolaris - 2nd Round Oracle SQL and PLSQL  interview questions

I have 100000 rows to be inserted into a table using insert script. At 900th row the record insertion failed. How will you handle this or make sure the entire script is not failed.
What is dml  error logging.
I have two tables joined using joins. one of the table is accessed over the dblink. The query is deadly slow. What are the possible issues and How will you improve the performace.
I have a table with columns a,b,c . I need to derive value of the column c from a,b while insert and insert the rows into table without using triggers.
what are indexes. Types of indexes.
what are the advantages of partitioned tables. explain partitioned indexs
i have a report which is running very slow today, but was fine yersterday. What is your approach. what is the first thing that you will check. 

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