Sunday, September 25, 2016

Attra Infotech Oracle SQL PL/SQL Interview Questions

What is driving table?
As a developer how to tune sql query, explain the steps.
Can we create a primary key constraint on 2 columns and foreign key on other column is it possible?
Create sequence sequence_name; , this sequence generate a sequence value or not.
Write a query to find 4th highest salary (without analytical function).
10 records in excel file, i wan to load 8 records only through sql * loader, is it possible.
Explain records and collections.
What is difference between procedure and function except procedure may or not return value and function must return value.
I have table A with 1 lack records write a program using any collection , forall insert data into B table and use limit 10000.
I have created a simple view but there is no base table, what happens.

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