Sunday, September 25, 2016

CSC Oracle SQL PL/SQL Interview Questions

Tell me about your self
What is index?
How does index form internally?
What are pseudo columns?
What are exceptions? How to handle expections in PL/SQL?
Explain about exception propagation?
What is autonomous transaction?
What is trigger? Have you ever used it?
Define view
Can we update a view?(what are the conditions)?
If I have created view from two tables by taking all the columns in the table now is it possible to update that view?( ans : NO)
Then I have to compulsory update that view how to do that(ans: by using instead of triggers).
What is instead of triggers?
What is syntax of case?
Difference between procedure and functions?
What is a package and what are its advantages?
How to call procedure in Pro*C
Have you ever used dynamic Sql statements in your project (methods in Pro*C)?
How to handle exceptions in Pro*C
What are the Sqlca structure elements?
How do you handle/trap errors in Pro*C?
Then asked on project for 5 to 10 min.
Asked two queries
Select duplicate records from a emp table?
Select Nth maximum salary from emp table?

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